6 Common Reasons Why Women Stay In a Job They Don’t Like

I don't like my job

I don’t like my job

Lots of statistics show results of work satisfaction surveys. Their findings are quite consistent and alarming. The overall message is that most of people don’t exactly love their jobs. Most people are somewhat satisfied. Well, to be somewhat satisfied is not good enough for me. Is it for you?

I believe that you want to be happy with what you do. ‘Do what you love and love what you do’ is the life motto I totally agree with and I wish every woman to live by it.

And yet, a lot of women stay at work that they don’t really love. Why? What are the most common reasons women stay in jobs they don’t like?

The one and only reason is in fact fear. But fear has different ways to show up in our lives. Fear is quite clever and is able to put on different masques. Let’s have a look at the most common ‘dressed up’ fears.

At least I have a job

It’s good to be safe. And yet when feeling safe stops you from being happy and living your best, it’s in fact limitation. It’s a fear of taking a risk. Yes, the need to feel safe is quite common for women and it seems to be the major reason women don’t want to change their job even if it doesn’t make them happy anymore.

It’s not that bad

is another reason for not looking for something that really suits you and makes you happy. Compromising the sense of fulfilment and career happiness in this way is quite common for many women. What is in the core of this reason though is not feeling worthy. Not feeling worthy for having what you really want. And that is just another type of fear.

I have no other choice anyway

is another limiting belief. It’s often based on other people’s expectations projected on you. It’s other people’s fear that women so often accept as theirs and as a result chose to cope, fit in, be nice and forget their own dreams and ambitions. And yet, you always have a choice.

That’s what I do all my life, I don’t know anything else 

is in fact a fear of change. Yes, sure, if you have been in your profession for something like 20 years, you know it really well. But there is always time to learn something new. There has never been so much of free information that anyone can use to learn and grow.

I am too old to find a job I want.

At what age does this fear kick in? There are so many women who changed their careers totally at their midlife. There are so many examples of women who created their second or third career after being 40 to live their career lives fully and passionately. And still, being too old seems to be common reason to excuse self from being happy.

There is one basic fear that is behind all of the above.

Fear of not being enough.

Do you know this one? Are you familiar with it? What is your version of not being good enough belief? Yes, this fear is really tricky! Let’s face it! At some stage and to some extend every woman knows this fear.

All these fear based reasons for not stepping into your full potential and creating career you desire have something in common. Even though they sound real, they are not. They are just limiting beliefs. You make your choice if any limiting belief becomes a reality for you. It’s normal to feel fear. It’s good to be aware of it, to acknowledge it for what it is. What happens next makes a difference. The decision to act regardless of the fear makes the difference. You are free to make your choice. Always.

Karolina Maya


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