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My Biography and Professional Background

I have almost 20 years of corporate experience in senior Human Resources and General Management roles. I worked with thousands of employees and business leaders from diverse industries from all over the world. I created my own successful corporate career and was blessed to work with senior managers, leadership teams as well as sales, engineering, administration and shop-floor workers in multiple countries in Europe, Asia Pacific, USA, Australia and New Zealand  – and I loved it.

I have always been passionate about people’s development,  empowerment, authentic leadership and healthy inspirational workplace relationships. I believe that these are the keys for career satisfaction, personal happiness as well as growth and success of any business.

After I left my corporate career I decided to devote my energy, experience and skills in assisting others, especially women, in creating fulfilling and inspiring careers that they desire. I am helping business owners, women leaders and women in general in living their lives in full expression of their talents and passions by making right career choices for themselves.

My career mentoring and coaching programs deliver results to those who want to start new career, progress in their corporate careers, manage career change, balance their life better or solve some specific problems such as glass ceiling, workplace bullying, or burnout. My mission is to help women to achieve what they desire. My own successful, fulfilling and time to time stumbling career in a men’s world is an amazing source of experience and inspiration that I am building on.

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Karolina Maya