Aiming Too High

Aiming High

Aiming High

Past conditioning and unhealthy false beliefs stand behind lots of our struggles and life issues.

Today I was dreaming-thinking about evolvement of my own career. I was also thinking about how my past conditioning and false beliefs influenced me.  And all of the sudden I hear a voice in my mind saying: “You are aiming too high.” Wow!

I love when this happens! The ‘Aha’ moments just come out of nowhere and open a space into our inner insight and clear knowing.  Things deeply hidden in our subconscious mind come to the surface with some learning attached. We become aware of what we were not conscious about and therefore we start to own it. From that moment we have a choice; and with choice come strength and freedom.

And so here I am, having an ‘Aha’ moment that takes me back into my past, somewhere into my teens. I listen to this critical and judgmental voice saying to me ”You are aiming too high.” I feel the sensation in my body. I feel as if I am back at the very moment when someone said that to me. I feel the emotional reaction in my body, the sense of unworthy and of not being enough. I sense the negative energy projecting my way. I also feel the pain attached.

What else is there? I am not worthy of aiming high, I am not good enough and I am going to fail anyway. I am aiming too high, higher than I am supposed to, higher than I should, higher than I am allowed to, higher than what is appropriate etc. And I know that unfortunately on some level I have accepted those messages as truth.

And there is something even more in it; my own defiance of this rule. I feel the anger of the teenage me, rising in my body. ‘That’s not fair! I am going to fight against it! ‘

I am so grateful for these ‘Aha’ moments when magic happens. I see clearly now how this old conditioning and believing that I had to fight against it showed up in my life.

Is it really my belief? No. Do I want to keep it? No. Who does it belong to? I don’t know and it doesn’t even matter anymore. I am ready to let it go. I am ready to release this unhealthy and not supportive belief now. I am sending it back with consciousness attached. I am replacing this old belief with a new one that is healthy and that supports me.

“I deserve to aim as high as I chose to. I deserve to achieve whatever I aim for with ease and grace. “

The truth is that we all hold on unhealthy and not supportive beliefs based on our past conditioning. We all have adopted some on the way to where we are now. Take some time and have a look at what your beliefs around your career choices are.

What were your parents telling you about your career? And what about your teachers, your friends, the societal rules, what did they make you to belief? Allow these beliefs and rules to come to the surface. Only then, when you are aware, you can make a choice. You can let yourself free of those beliefs that are not serving you anymore.

I love to hear from you. What is your experience? What did you find out? What were the beliefs that were stopping you from creating career you desire? Share and inspire. Your sharing is powerful; it may trigger a change in someone else. By sharing you are changing the world to a better place. And for that I thank you, and I hug you.

“Follow Your Heart and Live Your Truth”

Karolina Maya

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