Career Coaching and Alice in Wonderland

Career Coaching and Alice in Wonderland

Career Coaching and Alice in Wonderland

Hi, it’s Karolina Maya here,

What has Alice in Wonderland to do with career coaching?

She came to my mind when I was reading posts on career forums. I have come across posts of people who were calling for help and career advice such as: “I need some advice; I don’t know what to do!” Or: “I need a new career! “

People behind these posts were expressing  dissatisfaction with their current jobs and wanted a change.  Well, I guess, we all know that; job that is not satisfying and feeling an urge to change it. Nothing special, right?

The thing that all these people have in common apart from disliking their jobs was that they had no clue what they wanted instead.

And thats where  Alice in the Wonderland came into my mind.

Alice: “Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”  

The Cheshire Cat: “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.”    

Alice: “I don’t much care where.” 

The Cheshire Cat: “Then it doesn’t much matter which way you go.”   

Alice: “…So long as I get somewhere.”  

The Cheshire Cat: “Oh, you’re sure to do that, if only you walk long enough.”            

Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Do you get it? If you don’t know where to go, how can you know how to get there? Or the other way around; if you don’t mind where to get to, then you will get there regardless which way you go.

I totally understand. I was there myself! It is easy to know, see, feel, what we don’t want especially when we have that. It is easier than to know, see, feel, what we want, especially when we don’t have it yet.

And yet, if you are not happy with what you have or where you are, and feel the urge to leave, you have to know what you want. That is the advice that you need. Ask yourself what do you want first.

See, there is a huge difference between moving away from something you don’t like and moving towards to something you like . It’s better to go for something you want than run away from something you don’t want.

“Begin at the beginning,” the King said                                                                                   Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

So, before any career change, begin at the beginning… “What do you want?”

With love and respect,

Karolina Maya


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