Career Coaching from Two Rats and a Beaver

Just finished reading  the book Get off your butt and make your own @#$!Cheese written by Sean Roach and it inspired me to write my todays blog.

Here is a part from the very beginning:

‘Pep and Rally (the rats) decide it is time to make their own cheese. To reach their goal, they need to learn about cheese-making business. And the best place to learn about making cheese is at the Little Cheese Company. ‘

‘After securing jobs, the rats are offered plenty of experience and opportunity. But Pep and Rally become complacent. They begin to enjoy the routine and benefits of working at the Little Cheese Company. In the process, they lose sight of their goals and become overly comfortable.’

Yes, you guess it right. Pep and Rally find themselves out of work soon, unable to find job, not even remembering their dream anymore. Thanks to their former colleague (the beaver) they learn their lesson, find their lost purpose and realize their full potential. Happy ending, of course!

What is the learning? Following your dream, realizing your life purpose and utilizing your full potential means creating career you truly desire. It does not necessarily mean becoming an entrepreneur and having a business on your own. It may mean anything that suits your personality, values and personal circumstances. Make’s sense, right? Isn’t it what we all want? And do we really have it?

So take a minute and think about yourself. Where are you right now? Dreaming, following and realising your dream? Oh, great! Congratulations! It’s time to acknowledge it and put it on your gratitude list.

Or are you slowly but surely forgetting your dreams and giving up on them? Well, you are one of many. The good news is that you know and when you know you can change it.

There is always time to start again.  It’s always worthy to change, make a decision and start realizing your given potential.

I will love you to share  your story and your way of staying focused on your dreams and career you desire. It may inspire the others to take the first step.

So what’s your story?

Karolina Maya



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2 Responses to Career Coaching from Two Rats and a Beaver

  1. Lucie Kalvodova says:

    Dobry den Mirko,

    myslite si, ze muzeme cast svych snu realizovat skrz nase deti? Aniz bychom tim prilis ovlivnili je i jejich osud?

    Sorry for non-english replay :c)

    Best wishes from Chomutov


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