Do You Live Your Dream Career?

"Moving towards your dream career"

Moving towards your dream career

I have a simple question for you: “Do you live your dream career?”

Do you have a simple answer ‘Yes, of course!’ on your mind immediately when you read the question? Awesome! You are a happy person; living rich and fulfilling career life whatever your dream career is.

Looking around, talking to people, listening to their career stories, I know it’s not that common, living your dream and having a career you desire. Why not? Maybe some of the following ‘Must to Have’ is missing.

 Having a dream

This sounds quite logic, right? How can you live a dream career without having a dream? For me a dream in this regard is linked with a life purpose. It is a vision about making some part of our existence better. Making a positive difference. It is an urge, the first calling that evolves into a question: How can that happen?

 Having a career dream

Your career dream starts to take a form and shape when you ask yourself ‘How can I do that?’ Do you feel the difference? You have already moved from a dream that is out there to a dream that you own.  It’s already you, who is realizing your dream. It’s about believing that: ‘If it is to be, it’s up to me.’

 Having courage

Seeing yourself realizing your dream is just a beginning. A lot of different types of fears and obstacles may kick in even before you even make the very first step towards your dream career. And that’s the moment of a test. Do you have the courage to ‘feel the fear and do it anyway?’ Yes, you have!

 Having support

It’s never good to be alone with your dreams. Of course it is easier if you have the right support around you. People who believe in you and in your dream. People who are there for you when times are tough. You need that supportive environment. If don’t have it, create it. You may even need to make a step out from the environment that you currently have if that is what’s keeping you back.

Having faith

For me this means keeping the dream alive and colorful and bright all the time.  If the dream keeps it’s energy and attraction, the faith will stay as well.  Even at times when you feel down.  You have all what you need to follow your dream and live your dream career; otherwise you would not have that dream at the first place.

So, do you live your dream career? If not, start creating your dream career right now. Are you over 40? Great, the best time to start. Start with a simple question:  “What’s my dream?” And watch what happens.

And share your story.

Karolina Maya, Career Coach & Mentor



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