Feminine Charm in the Corporate World

Maria Fe Perez-Agudo, a charming CEO

I have come across a discussion on this topic:

“Is flirting in a business environment ever a good thing for women? The answer is a qualified “yes.” New data shows that women using what the researchers call “feminine charm” achieved better results in business negotiations. The author is advising women to use their charm more and be more flirtatious.

Well, what do you thing?

I absolutely agree with the positive effect of charm in any social situation, not only business negotiation. I have no doubt that people with personal charm (yes, not only women) are more welcome into social connections, and therefore more influential.

And what about flirting? In my opinion the article has misinterpreted charm for flirting! Why is it? Well, maybe we have quite forgotten what feminine charm especially in corporate environment is.

The author is suggesting – use the charm. I am saying – be the charm. I believe that charm is a natural state where the person is fully connected with their authentic self, inner strength and beauty and allows that to shine through. Charm is the state; it is a part of being.

On the other hand flirting is behavior; it is a tactic to achieve some kind of personal attention from the other person.

Having a corporate experience myself I know that especially women often turn their natural charm off in order to fit in to mostly men controlled environment and not to be perceived as ‘too feminine’. Natural authentic feminine charm often disappears from highly uniformed, unisex and quite sterile corporations as a result of that and guess what! And therefore natural charm when unlocked and freely expressed can be easily misinterpreted as flirting! No surprise, really.

It’s time to bring charm back to the corporate world. But there is no need to start doing something special or learn some new skills and tools. It’s quite the opposite! It is enough to just be the true authentic self. It is enough to just stop protecting ourselves and allow the natural charm shine through.

One example that it’s really possible may be Mari Fe Perez-Agudo, a charming woman who made it to the top in industries known to be men’s turf. Now the president and chief executive of Hyundai Asia Resources Inc., the official distributor of Hyundai cars in the Philippines, changed the face of the once male-dominated automotive industry.

And so, beautiful, elegant, graceful ladies, let your charm show off! Unleash that inner power and enjoy what you are doing fully!

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