How to boost your business performance?

problem solving

Tip#1 – Problem Solving – get people to solve problems without you

The world has become more complex. Businesses strive to offer high quality and low prices; customized products and standardize them for greater returns; to innovate and be efficient. To achieve all these goal has been challenging especially when business owners and managers tend to manage it all. More efficient way for business leaders is to create an environment in which people are compelled to work with each other to develop solutions to complex challenges.

To create such environment you can follow these rules:

 1. Open Company Culture

Open the space for sharing of problems and challenges. Create the “it’s all right to have challenges” company culture. You need to share business challenges with your people in order to get them involved in problem solving.

 2. Team work

Support team work – more heads, more ideas. Dedicate time for focused team work getting together people from different parts of your business. Not only that it creates a potent environment for new and fresh ideas but it will help to improve workplace relationships and staff development

 3. Coaching and Mentoring

Teach problem solving techniques  – problem solving is a discipline that requires  specific skills and techniques. Show them to your people, apply your coaching and mentoring skills. You can hire a workplace coach and organize a specific problem solving workshop.

 4. Leadership

Natural leadership – Determine which people have natural problem solving attitude and let them be facilitators and drivers of problem solving activities

 5. Empowerment

Empower people to solve problems on their own. Define simple empowerment matrix that people can easily follow and understand the scope of the problems they can solve on their own.

 6. Accountability

Let people present their solutions.  Ask ideally all teams to present their solutions and their implications. Make them accountable for implementation, results reporting and possible corrections. Accountability is the key.

 7. Job satisfaction

Acknowledge great ideas and celebrate success. Even though some ideas may not be applicable at this time acknowledge all great ideas. They may be a solution for you at some other time or may inspire some other solution. And of course, celebrate successful solutions. It is such good feeling to be personally responsible for something successful. Let your people feel that feeling.

And,….. tell me how are you doing.


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