How to boost your business performance?

Tip #2 Know your purpose, love what you do, inspire

What do you want? This may seems to be a trivial question. But it is a key question to ask if you want to boost your business. Are you crystal clear about what you want?

 1. Knowing what you want

Even if you think you are clear about it ask the same question again and again regularly.

And yes; in your business you will call this vision. Be clear about it and feel if it inspires you. Does your vision ignite you?  Well, if not then have a look at your vision and change it. Does your vision say something like – Become the biggest…, Become the largest …, Become the first… ? Change it! These types of old fashioned, masculine visions may feed your business owner’s competitive ego but will most likely not inspire your staff and I dare to say even not the authentic you!

 2. Knowing why you want what you want

Ask yourself : Why do I want what I want? What is my inner calling for doing what I do? What is the core purpose for me running this business? Yes, what is my mission? When I achieve what I want, what will the world look like? Answer honestly and you will have your business mission defined simply and clearly.

 3. Walking the Talk

Now, tell your people what your compelling mission and vision are. Even if you think that have heard it from you already hundred times, share it again! It’s your mission! And mission becomes mission only if it’s known, shared and followed!

“I have a dream…!” Visualise your mission for your staff. Show them how different will their lives be when your vision will be achieved.

Does your mission inspire your staff? Do your people feel energized?  If so, use the momentum and let them use their energy! Channel it the right direction.

 4. Knowing How

It is not up to you to know exactly how to achieve your vision. If you knew all the steps, your vision would not be really challenging, inspirational and energizing, correct?  So use the strategy deployment tools and utilize all your staff’s potential. Enjoy the team creative process, sense of belonging, sense of contribution, empowerment

Inspire your staff - share your compelling mission and vision

and personal accountability. Stay open and be surprised.

 5. Enjoying the journey

Use your vision and strategy deployment plans as a map. It is important to know where you are and where you go at every moment. And it is also important to stay flexible and enjoy the journey,  stay alert to new opportunities and ideas that may occur. Same as in life; there may be some barriers in the way you did not know about, the “weather” conditions may change, you can meet some friends on the way you want to have a chat with, you may need a rest, get some new fuel etc.  So be open and prepared to use creativity, improvisation and maybe help from the others on the way. And by all means, enjoy the journey and celebrate progress.





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