Human Resources Management – Truth or Illusion?

Some time ago when I still worked in the corporate world I looked at my business card as if I for the first time. “Regional HR Manager Australasia / ASEAN”

I realized that I didn’t like the title at all! I had always liked my job but came to the conclusion that the title “Human Resources Manager” was an illusion, somehow, not quite truthful in some way. So I started to look at it closer. What happened to me?

I had been in Human Resource executive roles for more than 15 years. Yes, I had been a Human Resources Director respective HR Executive Manager for middle as well as larger international corporations for most of my professional life, which, I really enjoyed it.

I found myself pondering on the name of my profession again and again, “Human Resources”. What does it really mean? Are we talking about real people here? It didn’t sound that way to me. It was sounding as though we were talking about resources that humans have, without considering them as people.  Does this make sense?  It may sound controversial, it probably is.

So, what are we as Human Resources Managers actually managing? People? I believe not. We cannot manage people, we can inspire but not manage, correct?

So, if we are not managing people how can we manage human resources?

This inner conflict explains to me the focus of many HR professionals nowadays. Unfortunately, during the course of my career I have seen a huge shift towards Policies.  Well if the truth be told, it is probably easier to manage policies than to inspire people. I believe that creating new policies to manage is not the way forward. This is not the way to inspire people, rather create a space where people can thrive and shine and bring out the best in them selves. I strongly believe that this understanding of HR Management role needs to be addressed.

I’m a believer of the human race. I believe that helping people to find joy and meaning in what they do, helping them to be fully accountable and present at every moment and building a work environment that is flexible and easy to operate, these are the main tasks for “HR Managers”.

Sorry, I have not found any good title for the profession yet.

I will appreciate your comments.


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2 Responses to Human Resources Management – Truth or Illusion?

  1. JOE PELL says:

    Hi Mirka
    I find your views on HR most enlightening as you have expressed what I have been unable to accomplish to communicae in my stints of managing branches ony because corporate culture is not to lead or influence but to control in accordance with corporate policies.

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