My Lesson on Judgment and Criticism

A generous woman

A woman offering her umbrella

How was school today? What happened at school today?  No one is asking me these questions anymore and no one is giving me marks. But yesterday I had a great sense of being at school again; this time at the school of life.  Well, it’s true; I am a student of life. We all are, aren’t we? It’s just about being conscious about what life is teaching us, isn’t it?

So here is my yesterday’s life lesson.

I am waiting for the green light at the crossing. It’s a busy street and it takes time. There is an older woman next to me waiting to cross the road.  It’s raining. She is struggling to open her umbrella. That’s what caught my attention. I am watching her and without even noticing it my mind goes straight to criticism. “Look how dirty her pants are! Oh my god, she must be poor if she can’t even ware clean pants!”  “Stop it!” The other part of me is catching on the critique in me. I don’t want to be critical or judgmental at all. What am I doing?  With the awareness of my own ego I decide to see the woman just as it is; a woman who tries to open her umbrella; nothing less and nothing more.

I feel quite pleased with myself that I am aware of my critical voice inside and that I am able to stop it as soon as it opens its mouth.  But that’s not the end of my today’s lesson. The main part is just about to come.

I am still waiting, hidden under the roof to protect me from the rain.  The green light is on, time to get out to the rain. Before I can even make the first step, this “poor” woman steps between me and another guy and takes us both under her umbrella! What an amazing thing! What a lovely woman! I share a smile with the other guy under the umbrella,  our eyes saying. “Wow, she is awesome!”

And my lesson? This “poor” woman, as my critical mind labeled her, had something that we didn’t have at that moment. She had an umbrella and a warm loving and giving heart. And she shared both with two total stranger. Oh my god, how rich she is!

Even though you may feel you have nothing at all; even though you may feel there is nothing you can offer, there is always something in your personal treasure chest. There is always something to share.

“The next time I have a critical thought I will consciously change that thought to love.”

I am a student of life and I continue asking: How was my school today? What did I learn today?

Karolina Maya

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One Response to My Lesson on Judgment and Criticism

  1. Di says:

    Hi Karolina,

    Yes I have had similar lessons given to be learned…it is wonderful when we realise and then act on those thoughts…

    We never know what circumstances have given rise to someones life and life’s choices.

    My being a student of life is my daily life…thanks for a great post

    Cheers Di

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