Passion is the key

Passion is the key

I am sitting in the coffee shop wanting to work on my new “how to boost your business” blog. This coffee shop used to be the spot where I could go in the late afternoon, have a great coffee and work on my laptop. It used to be full of people like me. Most of them working on  their laptops. This place was the only one with wireless connection and opening hours that suit people who do not work just from 9 to 5. What a great place it was! There was a great, energetic, funny, always friendly, warm and caring staff here as well. There was a passion present in everything they were doing. They were obviously happy working here. And I loved it here as well.

Well, not anymore.  Everything here has changed. Well, the place still looks the same but is not the same t all. It’s not open late anymore. Internet is down, does not work. The staff does not know when it will be fixed. The fresh home made lemonade that I always got here is not available. “It is the false advertisement”; the staff says. I want to get myself a glass of water; there are no glasses there. “I will wash some glasses soon”; the staff says.  And you know what? Even the coffee is not as good as it used to be. I look around; the place is empty. Yes, there is staff here. But the staff just “is” here. Nothing else; no energy, no friendliness, no care.  They do not live their passion; they just have a job. The place is empty. Well, it was my last visit in this place as well.

What’s my point? The learning from this is:

  • Be clear about your passion and share it
  • Know your values and stick with them
  • Get staff that shares the same passion and values as you do

and … Boost your business!

Simple, isn’t it?


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