What Is Your Definition of Career?

What is Your definition of career

Career and our definition of career have changed significantly during the last 20 years. I want to share my personal observation of the evolution of career meaning, definition and it’s role in our lives. And I will love to know your opinion and your own definition of career.

At the beginning of my own career life, career building was simply understood as climbing a ladder within a corporate world. Building a career meant that he or she wanted to achieve some specific position in a corporate hierarchy. Career was understood as a synonym for a corporate position, management title and related benefits.

This understanding of career was fully linked with having a job, being employed and dependent on corporate cultures, policies and politics.

Then the understanding of career evolved into another path – professional careers. People started to build their careers not only by climbing corporate ladders but also by growing their professional expertise and deepening their knowledge within their profession or industry.  Careers started to be understood as building reputation and respect in a specific area of expertise.

In my point of view this was the first step into bigger flexibility, independence and personal ownership of career planning and creation. It opened the door into building personal careers independently from the corporate world.

Constantly increasing amount of people who are aware of their own choices and active roles in their life designs as well as the crisis of the mainstream ‘safe-job’ system has caused changes in career definitions in recent years.

More and more people are creating careers consciously around their values and passions. Desired life style seems to be the key element in career creation in these days.

Building career has broaden it’s meaning.  People are more aware of their need to live actively their life purposes to feel fulfillment and deep happiness. Make a positive change in the world in some way seems to be a career aspiration of many. And that is what I believe the modern aiming of career is.

Career in my terms means doing what your heart desires, doing it for the highest best of humanity, doing it in the best way possible by utilizing all of your potential, talents and gifts and doing it for the exchange that allows you to express your true self  in all and every areas of your life.

Having a job and building a career were always two different things. Most people still have a job. Some already have a career, and more are ready to start creating careers they desire. And that is a positive motion.

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I will love to hear from you, feel free to share your own experience and opinions here or be a part of our Facebook Career Alchemy for Women Community.

With love and respect,

Karolina Maya


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