What Others Say

As a Senior Executive working for a Corporation, you often don’t take the time to sit back and address factors which may be limiting personal and professional success. After working with Karolina for sometime, we were able to address many personal and professional factors, by implementing a range of different strategies and tactics to aid in the process, all of which were very successful. Karolina has an innate ability to listen intently and provide a meaningful, structured response to dealing with various personal and professional development challenges I faced on a day to day basis.The whole experience with Karolina is comfortable, enlightening and provided me with an opportunity to address many different areas that I sought to improve.

Senior Manager, Sydney,Australia

Karolina is passionate about an empowered workforce. Drives change by engaging the minds and hearts of employees throughout the organization.

She excels in talent development inclusive of defining the overall business skills need to support future organization goals, assessing current leadership talent, and establishing development plans to address identified gaps. Karolina is skilled in meeting facilitation, adept at soliciting input from all, focusing the meeting on the desired result, assuring goal alignment, and gaining team commitment.

Beth Byrd
Vice President, HPD, Parker Hannifin, Ohio, USA

Effective work with human dimension. The ability to find not only clever solutions but also achieve that they are accepted in the team. Feeling for individuals, coaching abilities, responsiveness to the needs of individuals, support of people. Both for Karolina’s abilities and for her approaches and values I would love to see her in my team. I can tell you sincerely: Karolina is a competent, inspirational and interesting human being. If you come across an opportunity to cooperate with Karolina, take advantage of it!

Ludek Pfeifer
Chairman of the Board, TRITON Group, Czech Republic

“Often it takes someone other than you to draw out your motivations. We internalise things so much that we lose sight of our purpose and our vision. Throughout our individual mentoring and during our leadership workshops, Karolina guided me to discover – what was already there, bubbling away but not immediately apparent to me – my purpose. With this, my vision became clear and my actions far more purposeful.”

Ben Morgan
On-line Editor, Indesign Group, Sydney, Australia

“I can strongly recommend Karolina as a consultant to everyone who is not fully satisfied at work or who wish to achieve more in his career. If you want to move forward but don’t know how to start then it is a great idea to arrange an appointment. Meeting with Karolina could save you months or even years of struggling.”

Michal Kozar
Project Engineer, Sydney, Australia