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I am - Self Discovery Workshops

“I Am” – Discover Your True Self with the Ancient Wisdom of Enneagram 

Working in a boutique group and utilizing the ancient and modern wisdom of Enneagram you will discover your Ego type and learn why you have formed it. You will discover who you truly are beyond your Ego. You will learn how to befriend with your ego and how to make yourself free from your ego limitations.

This evening 3 hours only program helps you with:

  • Finding who you really are
  • Understanding of your ego and why you have created it
  • Discovering your true essence and your core values
  • Understanding of what makes you behave the way you behave
  • Bringing clarity into your life
  • Finding compassion with yourself and the others

This newly gained wisdom  will profoundly affect your relationship with yourself and others.  It will make you aware of the box of limitations you have put yourself in. With the wisdom of Enneagram you will become more joyous, playful and spontaneous YOU and get more from life.

Eventbrite - "I Am" - Discover Your True Self with the Ancient Wisdom of Enneagram